Economic Development and Housing Track

Learn to plan and build thriving, socially- and economically-diverse communities. We’ll help you tap into the key elements of a healthy community ecosystem: from the economic theories behind real estate markets to the social theories underlying the importance of community organizations. And then we’ll help you layer on practical skills, including how to analyze current planning and policy issues and create new ones.


Below is an overview of the required coursework. For detailed information, view the program checksheet

required Courses

Degree Core Courses

CORE-GP.1011, Statistical Methods
CORE-GP.1018, Microeconomics
CORE-GP.1020, Management and Leadership
CORE-GP.1021, Financial Management
URPL-GP.1603, Urban Planning: Methods and Practice
URPL-GP.2608, Urban Economics
URPL-GP.2660, History and Theory of Planning

Track Courses

URPL-GP.1605, Land Use Law
URPL-GP.1620, Spatial Analysis and Visualization

Track Capstone

CAP-GP.3601, Capstone: Advanced Projects in Urban Planning I
CAP-GP.3602, Capstone: Advanced Projects in Urban Planning II

elective Courses

Planning Electives

URPL-GP.2415, Public Policy and Planning in New York
URPL-GP.2452, Public-Private Partnerships, Public Spaces, Politics, & the Press
URPL-GP.2620, Race, Ethnicity, Class, and Gender in American Cities
URPL-GP.2624, Environmental Planning: Communities, Fairness, and Beyond
URPL-GP.2639, Real Estate Finance
URPL-GP.2670, Land Use, Housing and Community Development in New York City Seminar
URPL-GP.2680, Topics in Urban Design
URPL-GP.4636, Housing and Community Development Policy
URPL-GP.4638, Advanced Topics in Housing and Community Development: Policy and Politics

Other Recommended Electives

PADM-GP.1801, Communication Skills for Public Service
PADM-GP.2106, Community Organizing
PADM-GP.2140, Public Economics
PADM-GP.2144, Debt Financing and Management for Public Organizations
PADM-GP.2171, Evaluating Programs and Policies
PADM-GP.2416, Segregation and Public Policy
PADM-GP.2442, Economic Policy Analysis
PADM-GP.2445, Poverty, Inequality, and Policy
PADM-GP.4190, Job Creation and Public Infrastructure