Program Requirement Checksheet

MPA-Health: Health Services Management


Students must complete or waive all schoolwide core courses




Students are required to take one of the following two courses: [3 credits]

Course Number Course Name Prerequisites Typically offered credits
HPAM-GP.1830 Introduction to Health Policy and Management None Fall, Spring 3
HPAM-GP.2836 Current Issues in Health Policy None Fall, Spring 3

Note: HPAM-GP 1830 is STRONGLY recommended for students with no prior health policy and management experience (undergraduate or graduate).



Students must complete the following seven courses [13.5 credits]:

Course Number Course Name Prerequisites Typically offered credits
HPAM-GP.1833 Health Services Management CORE-GP.1020; HPAM-GP.1830 or HPAM-GP.2836 Fall, Spring 3
HPAM-GP.2825 Continuous Quality Improvement CORE-GP.1011, HPAM-GP.1833, and computer proficiency. Fall, Spring 3
HPAM-GP.4822 Healthcare Information Technology: Public Policy and Management HPAM-GP.1833 or permission of instructor Fall 1.5
HPAM-GP.4830 Health Economics: Principles CORE-GP.1011, CORE-GP.1018 Fall, Spring 1.5
HPAM-GP.4835 Principles of Human Resources Management for Healthcare Organizations HPAM-GP.1833 Fall, Spring 1.5
HPAM-GP.4840 Financial Management for Health Care Orgs - I: Financial Management and Budgeting CORE-GP.1018 and CORE-GP.1021 Fall 1.5
HPAM-GP.4841 Financial Management for Health Care Orgs - II: Capital Financing and Advanced Issues CORE-GP.1018, CORE-GP.1021, and HPAM-GP.4840 Fall 1.5

Please note the time of course offerings for certain courses listed above:

HPAM-GP.4822: Fall 1st half

HPAM-GP.4830: Spring 1st half

HPAM-GP.4835: Fall 2nd half

HPAM-GP.4835: Spring 1st half

HPAM-GP.4840: Fall 1st half

HPAM-GP.4841: Fall 2nd half



III. CAPSTONE [3 credits]

To be eligible for Capstone, all students must have: earned at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA, declared a specialization, fulfilled the Professional Experience Requirement, and completed the course prerequisite listed for their choice of Capstone (see below).

Students must complete ONE of the two following pairs [3 credits]:

Course Number Course Name Prerequisites credits
  CAP-GP 3801 (Fall) AND CAP-GP 3802 (Spring) Capstone: Advanced Projects in Policy, Management, Finance, and Advocacy I & II All 5 schoolwide core courses; and HPAM-GP 1830 or HPAM-GP 2836; and HPAM-GP 1833; and HPAM-GP 4830 1.5 credits (Fall) AND 1.5 credits (Spring)
  CAP-GP 3148 (Fall) AND CAP-GP 3149 (Spring) Capstone: Advanced Research Projects in Quantitative Analysis I & II All 5 schoolwide core courses and PADM-GP 2902; Co-requisites: PADM-GP 2171 and one of the following economics courses: HPAM-GP 4830, PADM-GP 2140, PADM- GP 2203, PADM-GP 2441, or URPL-GP 2608 (taken no later than the fall of Capstone) 1.5 credits (Fall) AND 1.5 credits (Spring)



IV. ELECTIVES [10.5 credits]

Course Number  Course Name         Prerequisites          Typically offered credits




Valid for Spring 2019 semester