Wagner Scholarship Fund

Creating opportunity for those who need it

Now, more than ever, our students face significant financial aid challenges. Your support of NYU Wagner’s scholarships enables them to shape their passion into effective public service careers.

Many of our students have already made great sacrifices to pursue a career in public service and come to us with debt from their undergraduate years. Some have served in volunteer organizations like the Peace Corps, where they did not earn a salary, and others are veterans of military service and have not had the opportunity to accumulate savings for graduate school.

These dedicated young people forgo high salaries for the opportunity to make an impact on their community and help address some of the most intractable issues of our time—access to healthcare, affordable housing, homelessness or the environment.

Students with an interest in public service come to New York City because it is an important hub for the public service sector, with a robust city government, proximity to over 30,000 nonprofit organizations, and easy access to NGOs and global policy organizations like the United Nations. New York City represents an unparalleled urban laboratory for our students; New York City also has one of the highest costs of living in the world.

The Wagner Scholarship Fund allows talented, rising public service leaders to pursue graduate school when they otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance. Your support provides that opportunity to them.

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