Program Requirement Checksheet



Students must complete or waive all schoolwide core courses

Course Number Course Name Prerequisites Typically offered credits
CORE-GP.1011 Statistical Methods None Fall, Spring, Summer 3
CORE-GP.1018 Microeconomics None Fall, Spring, Summer 3
CORE-GP.1020 Management and Leadership None Fall, Spring, Summer 3
CORE-GP.1021 Financial Management None Fall, Spring, Summer 3
CORE-GP.1022 Introduction to Public Policy None Fall, Spring 3




Students must complete the following 3 courses [9 credits]:

Course Number Course Name Prerequisites Typically offered credits
PADM-GP.2110 Strategic Management and Leadership CORE-GP.1020 Fall, Spring, Summer 3
PADM-GP.2135 Human Resources: Leading Talent Development CORE-GP.1020 Fall, Spring 3
PADM-GP.2170 Performance Measurement and Management for Public, Nonprofit, and Health Care Organizations CORE-GP.1020 Fall, Spring 3

Note: PADM-GP 2110 may not be offered in the summer, please check with your advisor.



Students are also required to complete a total of 6 credits from any of the following elective categories:

Strategy and Organizations:

Course Number Course Name Prerequisites Typically offered credits
PADM-GP.1801 Communication Skills for Public Service CORE-GP.1020 and CORE-GP.1022 or URPL-GP.2660 Spring 3
PADM-GP.2106 Community Organizing None Fall, January, Summer 3
PADM-GP.2119 Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations CORE-GP.1020 Fall, Summer 3
PADM-GP.2125 Foundations of Nonprofit Management CORE-GP.1020 Spring 3
PADM-GP.2127 Corporate Social Responsibility: Social Finance Partnerships and Models None Spring, Summer 3
PADM-GP.2129 Race, Identity, and Inclusion in Organizations CORE-GP.1020 Fall 3
PADM-GP.2132 Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation by Design None Fall, Spring 3
PADM-GP.2145 Design Thinking: A Creative Approach to Problem Solving and Creating Impact None Fall, Spring, Summer 3
PADM-GP.2174 The Intersection of Operations, Policy, and Leadership CORE-GP.1020 and CORE-GP.1022 Fall 3
HPAM-GP.2244 Global Health Governance and Management HPAM students CORE-GP.1022, HPAM-GP.1830 or HPAM-GP.2836; Recommended: PADM-GP.2201 PNP and MUP students CORE-GP.1022, PADM-GP.2201 Fall 3
PADM-GP.2310 Understanding Social Enterprise None Spring 3
PADM-GP.2311 Social Impact Investment CORE-GP.1021 Fall, Spring 3
PADM-GP.2413 Strategic Philanthropy None Spring 3
PADM-GP.2430 Multi-Sector Partnerships: A Comparative Perspective CORE-GP.1020 or CORE-GP.1022 Spring 3
PADM-GP.4109 Leveraging Nonprofit Leadership for Organizational Success None Fall 1.5
PADM-GP.4129 Race, Identity, and Inclusion in Organizations CORE-GP.1020 Spring 1.5
PADM-GP.4131 Fundamentals of Fundraising CORE-GP.1020 Fall, Spring 1.5
PADM-GP.4137 Communications and Branding for Nonprofits None Spring 1.5
PADM-GP.4154 Management Consulting for Public Service Organizations CORE-GP.1020 Spring 1.5
PADM-GP.4311 Lean Approaches to Social Innovation None January 1.5
PADM-GP.4414 Corporate Philanthropy and Engagement None Fall, Spring 1.5
HPAM-GP.4837 Organizing for Success in a Value-Based Payment World HPAM-GP.1830 or HPAM-GP.2836 Spring 1.5



Human Resources & Organizational Behavior:

Course Number Course Name Prerequisites Typically offered credits
PADM-GP.2112 Women and Men in the Workplace None Summer 3
PADM-GP.2186 Leadership and Social Transformation CORE-GP.1022 Fall 3
PADM-GP.4101 Conflict Management and Negotiation None Fall, January, Spring, Summer 1.5
PADM-GP.4105 Cross-Cultural Negotiation and Conflict Management in Multicultural Teams PADM-GP 4101 Spring 1.5
PADM-GP.4112 Building Effective Teams None Fall, Spring 1.5
PADM-GP.4120 Labor Management Cooperation None January 1.5
PADM-GP.4126 Leading Values-Based Culture in Nonprofit Organizations CORE-GP.1020 Spring 1.5
PADM-GP.4151 Gender, Politics, and Leadership None Fall 1.5
PADM-GP.4155 Leading on Disability in Public Service CORE-GP.1020 Spring 1.5



Organizational Performance Management:

Course Number Course Name Prerequisites Typically offered credits
PADM-GP.2142 Financial Management for Global Nonprofit Organizations CORE-GP.1021 Spring 3
PADM-GP.2143 Government Budgeting CORE-GP.1011, CORE-GP.1018, and CORE-GP.1021 Spring 3
PADM-GP.2171 Evaluating Programs and Policies CORE-GP.1011 Fall, Spring, Summer 3
PADM-GP.2173 Operations Management for Public, Nonprofit, and Health Contexts CORE-GP.1020, CORE-GP.1011 Fall, Spring 3
PADM-GP.2211 Program Development and Management for International Organizations PADM-GP.2201 Fall 3
PADM-GP.2312 Managing Financial and Social Returns of the Social Enterprise CORE-GP.1021 Spring 3
HPAM-GP.2825 Continuous Quality Improvement CORE-GP.1011, HPAM-GP.1833, and computer proficiency. Fall, Spring 3
PADM-GP.2902 Multiple Regression and Introduction to Econometrics CORE-GP.1011 Fall, Spring, Summer 3
PADM-GP.4110 Project Management None Fall, Spring, Summer 1.5
PADM-GP.4111 Leading Service Delivery CORE-GP.1020 January 1.5
PADM-GP.4130 Fundamentals of Accounting CORE-GP.1021 Spring 1.5
PADM-GP.4147 Large Scale Data Analysis I CORE-GP.1011 Spring 1.5
PADM-GP.4148 Large Scale Data Analysis II PADM-GP.4147 Spring 1.5
PADM-GP.4217 NGO Accountability CORE-GP.1022 Spring 1.5
PADM-GP.4467 Managing for Environmental Sustainability None Spring 1.5
HPAM-GP.4852 Ethical Issues in Healthcare Management None Spring 1.5



III. CAPSTONE [3 credits]

To be eligible for Capstone, all students must have: earned at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA, declared a specialization, fulfilled the Professional Experience Requirement, and completed the course prerequisite listed for their choice of Capstone (see below).

Students must complete ONE of the two following pairs [3 credits]:

Course Number Course Name Prerequisites credits
  CAP-GP 3401 (Fall)
CAP-GP 3402 (Spring)
Capstone: Advanced Projects in Policy, Management, Finance, and Advocacy I & II CORE-GP: 1011, 1018, 1020, 1021, 1022;
2 of 3 required specialization courses: PADM-GP 2110, 2135, 2170;
Third specialization course taken no later than the fall of Capstone year
1.5 credits (Fall)
1.5 credits (Spring)
  CAP-GP 3148 (Fall)
CAP-GP 3149 (Spring)
Capstone: Advanced Research Projects in Quantitative Analysis I & II PREREQUISITES (taken PRIOR to Capstone year):
CORE_GP: 1011, 1018, 1020, 1021, 1022
PADM-GP 2902;
CO-REQUISITES (taken no later than fall of Capstone year):
Choose ONE Adv. Econ course; PADM-GP 2140, HPAPM-GP 4830, URPL-GP 2608, PADM-GP 2203, PADM-GP 2441;
PADM-GP 2171
1.5 credits (Fall)
1.5 credits (Spring)



IV. ELECTIVES [12 credits]

Course Number  Course Name         Prerequisites          Typically offered credits




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