The future of education, including the policies and environments that influence it, needs thoughtful public service leaders. This focus area provides students with in-depth knowledge of evidence on the current issues and effects of policies in the United State’s K-12 system as well as higher education.

As our society debates and experiments with core educational goals, methods of delivery, and relevant assessments, we need—more than ever—policymakers, program directors, consultants, and analysts who can discern best practices and deliver them. As an NYU Wagner graduate, you’ll be poised to do exactly that. You’ll walk away with a toolkit for the full breadth of careers in educational policy: analyzing policies, running a nonprofit, starting a charter school, or doing something else you don’t even know about—yet. No matter which path you choose, a master’s degree in public policy or in nonprofit management, we promise you this: You’ll have what you need to get things done.


Foundational courses

Additional Electives

PADM-GP.2486, Race, Law, and Education

Improving Urban K-12 Education: Policy in a World without Magic, Disruptive Bullets

Professor Leanna Stiefel discusses her research on how we may make progress by building on combinations of solutions that evidence shows have positive effects on the American K-12 education system.

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Catherine Lee

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