Transfer Credits


Transfer credits may be awarded if they were:

  • Earned for graduate credit;
  • Earned prior to matriculation at NYU Wagner;
  • Earned within five years of matriculation at NYU Wagner;
  • Earned at an accredited institution of established reputation; and
  • Not applied toward another degree.

Transfer credits that meet these conditions must be approved by the faculty and deemed relevant to your NYU Wagner degree program. Any transfer credits must be approved prior to the start of your second term and are transferred on a credit-for-credit basis.

Decisions regarding transfer credits and waivers are not made prior to matriculation.

Maximum Allowance

The maximum transfer credits allowed by program are:

Program Maximum Credits
MPA-PNP, MPA-Health 12
MUP 12
EMPA Nurse Leaders 6
EMPA Public Service Leaders 6
EMPA Global Policy Leaders 0
PhD (elective credit only) 40
Advanced Certificate 0


Course Waivers

If you believe a potential transfer course is also equivalent to a required NYU Wagner course, you should also read the waiver policies and complete a waiver request.

Full-Time Enrollment

If you must be enrolled full-time each semester (e.g. you're studying on F1/J1 visa, your external fellowship requires full-time enrollment, etc.), you may not be able to transfer credits if you cannot maintain full-time status each semester. You should confer with your program advisor.


  1. Contact your Program Advisor to discuss your eligibility for transfer credits after you matriculate.
  2. Submit a memo and syllabus for each course in a single PDF via the Online Waiver Request Form. (One form per course.)
  3. Have your prior institution send an official, sealed copy of your transcript directly to your Program Advisor at:

[Program Advisor’s Name]

New York University, Wagner Graduate School of Public Service
The Puck Building
295 Lafayette Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10012


Once you submit the documents, it takes approximately 20 business days to process.