Courses Abroad

Intensive Learning in the Field

NYU Wagner's Courses Abroad provide you with an opportunity to enhance conceptual knowledge, learn and interact with leading experts in the field, and apply new skills in a practical setting.

Xinye Village Visit 2018 Fishing for Crayfish
NYU Wagner's Urbanization and Sustainable Development in a Transitional Economy: Experiencing China with Prof. Zhan Guo. Shanghai, China, June 2018.

Wagner is not offering any courses abroad in the 2023-2024 academic year. If you are interested in pursuing a course abroad, we highly encourage you to look at programs offered at other schools across NYU. There are short-term abroad opportunities in both the January term and over the summer

If you find a non-Wagner course you are interested in taking, make sure to follow the instructions outlined on the courses across NYU pages to gain approval for that course to count toward your degree. 

My Study Abroad Experience in Ghana: Exploring Hunger and Food Security Issues

Karina Yevgenyevna Loktionova (MPA-PNP) spent three weeks traveling across Ghana and interviewing locals to better understand commodity chains and food security in the country.

There are many opportunities to find additional funding for study abroad, but it requires advance planning and some work. Please note that the Office of International Programs does not administer these funding opportunities. Please contact each organization directly. 

Students may also consider alternative fund-raising sites such as Grant Space, a service of the Foundation Center, which also offers additional information for securing educational funding.

Another resource to consider is Scholly, a mobile app that helps match students with scholarships best suited to their work experience, area of study, and interests. Scholly is only available for NYU students. 

Aceable Scholarship
UG/Grad · U.S. Citizen/International · $500 Scholarship Award

American Association of University Women Fellowships and Grants
UG/Grad · U.S. Citizen/International · Awards Vary

American Council of Learned Societies 
Ph.D.: Citizenship Status N/A · Awards Vary 

Boren Scholarships/Fellowships
Full-Time UG/Grad · U.S. Citizen · Awards up to $20,000 for UG and $30,000 for Grad · To study abroad in areas of the world that are critical to U.S. interests and underrepresented in study abroad. The countries of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are excluded.

CourseHorse Learner's Scholarship
UG/Grad · American Citizens Only ·  Awards $1,000

Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund
UG/Grad · Citizenship Status N/A · Awards up to $10,000 · For students who are active in movements for social and economic justice. Scholarship
Grad · Citizenship Status N/A · Awards $2,500

Hispanic Scholarship Fund
UG/Grad · U.S. Citizenship · Awards range from $500 to $5,000

Humane Studies Fellowships
Grad · Citizenship Status N/A · Awards up to $15,000 annually · Open to IHS Alumni

International Student Travel Video Contest
UG/Grad · Citizenship Status N/A · Awards up to $4,000 

Laura W. Bush Traveling Fellowship
UG/Grad · U.S. Citizen · Awards Vary, average $2,500

Point Scholarships
UG/Grad · Citizenship Status N/A · Awards Vary

STA Start the Adventure Scholarship
UG/Grad · U.S. Citizen · Awards $2,500

StudySoup Future Innovator Scholarship 
UG/Grad · Citizenship Status N/A  · Awards $2,000

Wasserman Center Internship Grant
UG/Grad · NYU Student · Awards $1,000

 Zebra Tour Guide Scholarship 
UG/Grad · Citizenship Status N/A · Awards $1,000 - Essay/Video Contest

In addition to the scholarships listed, we highly recommend you check NYU Global Page.

Search Engines

You should find these search engines helpful to find other options to finance your study in the US and/ or study abroad programs: 

Crowd Funding

More students are looking into personal fundraising. Personal fundraising can take the form of requesting people or organizations to sponsor you, organizing fundraising parties, or launching online fundraising campaigns. Fundraising helps cover the cost of study abroad and gets your friends and family involved in your study abroad plans. Some possible crowdfunding online tools you might want to consider.