Weighted Lottery

Weighted Lottery for Required Specialization Courses

Wagner has a lottery process to prioritize enrollment in high-demand specialization courses listed below. Prioritization is based on weighted factors, such as whether the course is a requirement for your specialization, whether the course is a Capstone prerequisite for your specialization, and how many terms you have remaining at Wagner. 

At the start of registration, all weighted lottery courses are artificially closed.  You must add yourself to the waitlist in order to enter the weighted lottery for any of these courses:

  1. Answer "yes" to the "Wait list if class is full" question before adding the course to your shopping cart and clicking the enroll button!
  2. Review your list of Waitlist Courses under the Enrolled Courses section of your Albert home page.

It is your responsibility to confirm that you have successfully waitlisted for a course.  If a course still appears in your Albert Shopping Cart, then you have not waitlisted for it.  The course must appear in the Waitlist Courses section. 

Once you successfully add yourself to a course's waitlist, you have "entered" the lottery for that course. All students who add themselves to the waitlist by the lottery deadline listed below will be considered in the lottery process.

Your initial position on the waitlist has no effect on your chances in the lottery.

If you register for a back-up course while you wait for the lottery results, use the Edit Swap function in Albert to associate the back-up course with the lottery course for which you are waitlisted.  This will tell Albert to drop the back-up course if you are enrolled in the lottery course.

If you enter the lottery, but do not earn a seat in a course, you will be placed on the waitlist for that course.

After the lottery deadline, you may still add yourself to a lottery course's waitlist at any time before the term's add/drop deadline.

Required Specialization Courses in Weighted Lottery (All Sections)* 

Any student who wants to register for one of the courses below must do so via the process outlined above.

  1. HPAM-GP 1833, Health Services Management
  2. HPAM-GP 2825, Continuous Quality Improvement
  3. HPAM-GP 4830, Health Economics, Principles
  4. PADM-GP 2106, Community Organizing
  5. PADM-GP 2110, Strategic Management and Leadership
  6. PADM-GP 2132, Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation by Design
  7. PADM-GP 2135, Human Resources: Leading Talent Development
  8. PADM-GP 2140, Public Economics
  9. PADM-GP 2142, Financial Management II
  10. PADM-GP 2145, Design Thinking
  11. PADM-GP 2147, Corporate Finance and Public Policy
  12. PADM-GP 2170, Performance Measurement & Management
  13. PADM-GP 2171, Evaluating Programs and Policies
  14. PADM-GP 2202, Politics of International Development
  15. PADM-GP 2203, Economics of International Development
  16. PADM-GP 2310, Understanding Social Enterprise
  17. PADM-GP 2311, Social Impact Investment
  18. PADM-GP 2407, Advocacy Lab: How to Make Change Happen
  19. PADM-GP 2411, Policy Formation and Policy Analysis
  20. PADM-GP 2875, Estimating Impacts in Policy Research
  21. PADM-GP 2902, Multiple Regression and Intro to Econometrics
  22. URPL-GP 1603, Urban Planning: Methods and Practice
  23. URPL-GP 1605, Land Use Law
  24. URPL-GP 2608, Urban Economics

*If a required specialization course is not on this list, it is not part of the lottery because it is not expected to exceed enrollment capacity.

Weighted lottery timeline: SPRING 2024

Monday, November 13: Registration opens for Spring 2024 courses.

Monday, November 20: Lottery closes at 5:00pm ET. Students can continue to add themselves to the waitlist for these courses after the deadline, but will not be included as part of the lottery.

Monday, December 11: Students can check their Spring 2024 schedule in Albert to view lottery outcomes.

If you have any questions about the lottery process after reading the instructions above, please email wagner.academicservices@nyu.edu.