Earning Your Diploma

Diploma Application

Students may officially graduate in September, January, or May. In order to graduate in a specific semester (i.e. the semester in which all degree requirements will be completed), students must apply for graduation within the application deadline period. Please check the Graduation Deadlines page on the Registrar's website for the graduation application deadline for the semester in which you intend to graduate:

I INTEND TO COMPLETE MY Degree RequirementS IN: Apply for:                          

Spring Semester

May Graduation

Summer Semester

September Graduation

Fall Semester

January Graduation

How to Apply for Graduation

Diplomas are mailed to your permanent address approximately eight weeks after the degree is posted to your record. You should update your address in Albert to ensure the diploma is sent to the correct address. 

Doctoral students who wish to receive the Master of Philosophy degree must also apply for graduation.

Students in dual degree programs must submit an application for each of the Schools in which they are enrolled.

Students who fail to meet specified deadlines will be unable to graduate on time and will have to wait for the following graduation period.