Wagner Philanthropy


Wagner Philanthropy is committed to engaging students in both grantmaking and fundraising, through the lens of public service. By organizing interesting and innovative educational and networking programs, we hope to raise awareness of:

  1. the impact philanthropy has on nonprofit organizations and the broader public and private sectors,
  2. career paths public servants might take in the fundraising or grantmaking fields, and
  3. the importance of personal philanthropy in pursuing meaningful social change.

We also aim to provide opportunities for Wagner students to build practical skills related to grantmaking and fundraising that may benefit students professionally or personally. We seek to engage other Wagner student groups in the topic of philanthropy in order to understand the nuances and challenges of philanthropy across different contexts. We also strive to build a stronger connection between Wagner and the philanthropic community in New York City in order to broaden our knowledge of these areas and expand students' professional networks.


Open to all NYU Wagner students.


Jamie Levine Daniel



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