Step 1: Degree Requirements

Below are important degree requirements and milestones for the doctoral program. A more comprehensive explanation of the doctoral program can be found here.

Milestone Time of Expected Completion
Completion of Research Methods (PHD-GP 5902) Year one (fall semester)
Completion of Advanced Empirical Methods (PADM-GP 2172) Year one (fall semester)
Completion of Qualitative Research Methods (PHD-GP 5905) Year one (spring semester)
Preliminary qualifying exam (PQE) Year one (spring semester)
Completion of theoretical framework modules End of year two
Completion of research methodology modules End of year two
Comprehensive exams Year two (spring semester)
Registration in the Doctoral Colloquium Year two or three
Third year research paper / presentation at Wagner Seminar Year three (spring semester)
Transfer credit approval (max 40 credits) Year three (or after completion of coursework)
Dissertation proposal defense Year four (spring semester)
Dissertation paper presentation Year five (fall semester)
Dissertation defense / completion of degree End of year five


Step 2: Register Via Albert