NYU Arts and Culture Network (ACN)


Formerly titled Student Network Exploring Arts & Culture (SNEAC), this student organization was formed in 2003 to promote discourse on cultural policy and arts management within NYU Wagner, as well as more broadly throughout NYU and across New York City communities. In 2021, SNEAC was reestablished as the NYU Arts & Culture Network (ACN). ACN is dedicated to exploring and appreciating the myriad arts opportunities throughout New York.

NYU Wagner promotes learning in public and nonprofit settings across management, finance, policy, urban planning, health, and international affairs. ACN provides a bridge between these disciplines and the local and national arts and cultural sector. Arts and culture are critical to a forward-thinking society, and ACN aims to raise their importance and effectiveness within public policy and administration.

ACN is committed to promoting equity and inclusion in all aspects of the organization’s operations, as well as advocating for these principals in the greater arts community. ACN welcomes any and all Wagner students from all specializations, whether or not career goals are centered around arts policy.

ACN promotes professional development and leadership within various cultural industries including, but not limited to, visual and performing arts, fashion and design, digital media, arts-in-education, civic engagement, nonprofit arts management, and arts philanthropy and development. ACN engenders conversation on current trends and practices in arts management and cultural policy through discussion panels, networking events, advocacy, and cultural engagement opportunities.


John Gershman (Wagner)

Richard Beasley Maloney (Steinhardt)


  • Co-Chair, Strategic Planning and Recruitment:  Teresa Shyr
  • Co-Chair, Programming: Sarah Singletary
  • Steinhardt Representative: Vacant  
  • Communications: Vacant
  • Communications/Community Outreach Officer: Vacant
  • Programming Officer: Vacant
  • First-Year Representative: Vacant


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