Incoming International Students

Welcome to Wagner! As you prepare for the upcoming academic year, we hope the curated information below will help you prepare for your arrival to New York City and NYU Wagner.

Visa Requirements

Review legal and academic requirements to maintain your F-1/J-1 visa.

  • Office of Global Services (OGS)
  • Enrollment Status
  • Understand Your Legal Requirements
  • Visa, Academic & Status Changes

Understand Visa Requirements


Now that you've been admitted to NYU, learn how to obtain the right visa, plan your trip, and review further resources to help get you prepared for your arrival in New York.

  • Immigration Requirements
  • Orientation Over Time
  • Office of Global Services (OGS) Pre-arrival Webinar
  • Connect With Other Students (Wagnerds)
  • NYU Health Requirements

Explore Pre-Arrival Information 

Arriving in NYC

Review the information you need to know when you arrive in New York City.

  • OGS Mandatory Arrival Check-in
  • Understanding Healthcare in the US
  • Money, Banking & Taxes 

Explore Resources 

Housing & Transportation

To help you get started with moving to New York City, we have assembled a list of links and resources to help you figure out:

  • Off-Campus Housing Resources
  • On-Campus Housing 
  • Getting Around NYC
  • Tips & Resources for Living in New York

Housing & Transportation