New Student Retreat

New Student Retreat

The New Student Retreat—required for all incoming masters students—is our signature orientation event. At the retreat, you'll begin to develop academic and professional skills that will be critical to your success during your time at Wagner and beyond.


A commitment to public service is at the core of NYU Wagner's mission. During the New Student Retreat, you'll reflect on your choice to attend graduate school in NYC and at NYU, discuss your motivations for pursuing a public service career, and refine your intentions for your time at Wagner.


You'll build a  diverse and multi-dimensional community at the retreat, with access to faculty, administrators, and peers. And you'll get a glimpse at the many ways the NYU Wagner community will inspire you and support your academic, personal, and career growth.


New Student Retreat 2


Facilitated modules are designed to help you hone skills in team work, case analysis, and the importance of identity and diversity in public service. You'll learn more about what to expect inside and outside of the classroom and how to conduct yourself with integrity in the context of an academic and professional community. You'll also begin to explore our Composing Your Career framework.



Over the years, we have come to understand how critical the New Student Retreat is to each student's overall experience at Wagner and their readiness to start the program. The retreat is therefore required for all new masters students.