NYU Leonard N. Stern School of Business


While we cannot guarantee capacity for NYU Wagner students in NYU Leonard N. Stern School of Business (NYU Stern) courses, you are welcome to request registration for approved courses.  

Cross-registration for non-Stern students opens one to two months after normal Albert registration dates. For example:

  • Fall semester courses: Stern cross-registration begins in May or June
  • Spring semester courses: Stern cross-registration begins in December or January 
  • Summer term courses: Stern cross-registration begins in March or April 

If you would like to request cross-registration for an NYU Stern course, you must follow the detailed cross-registration process outlined below. Always register for backup courses at Wagner in case NYU Stern is unable to meet your request.


Step 1: Determine which NYU Stern classes are available
- Check the courses open to non-Stern students (select “Non-Stern” and semester).
- Choose course(s) and up to 3 alternative choices. Students only have one opportunity to submit. The Stern Registrar allows non-Stern students to take a maximum of 6 Stern credits per term.

Step 2: Verify and fulfill prerequisites
Students must fulfill NYU Stern course prerequisites via one of the following and attach relevant documents to online request form (see below):

  1. Successfully completed the NYU Stern course [must attach transcript]
  2. Successfully completed equivalent course at NYU Wagner [must attach brief memo explaining overlap, Wagner syllabus, and NYU Stern prerequisite’s syllabus]
  3. Earned an undergraduate major or masters in subject area [must attach transcript]
  4. Passed Stern proficiency exam [must attach documentation]
  5. Obtained CPA license [must attach documentation of certification]

Step 3: Obtain approval (if course is NOT on Pre-Approved Electives List)
- Follow the specific instructions.

- Please note that NYU Stern professors do not manage course enrollment, requisites, or the registration process.  NYU Stern professors cannot override closed or restricted courses as well as provide requisite waivers as a result.

- If course is on the Pre-Approved Electives List, skip Step 3 and proceed to Step 4. 

- Complete the cross-registration form (leave all of the "Adviser Information" area blank. Wagner Academic Services will fill in this section.).

- Students must note how the prerequisite(s) was fulfilled. (More information on prerequisite equivalency)

- If course does not have prerequisite, write "none" and "n/a" on form.

*Must note in "comments" section at bottom of cross-registration form if student is a Wagner doctoral student or has been accepted to an application-only Stern course [attach approval email from Stern instructor].

Step 5: Compile supporting documents
- If course was not on pre-approved list, gather necessary approved documentation—the memo, transcript, syllabi, and approval email, to demonstrate you received Wagner's approval for the course.

- Combine cross-registration form with all supporting documents listed above. You must put all documents with the cross-registration form into one PDF to attach to Wagner's online form (see step 6).

Step 6: Attach and submit documents via WAGNER’S ONLINE FORM.


Spring 2018 Stern Timeline

November 1 (5:00pm): Priority deadline to submit non pre-approved registration requests to program advisor

November 27 (5:00pm): Priority deadline for approved registration requests via Wagner's online form

January 2 (5:00pm): Final deadline to submit non pre-approved registration requests to program advisor

January 15 (5:00pm): Final deadline for approved registration requests via Wagner's online form


Students must use their permission code within two business days on Albert. If a student does not use the code by the allotted, the code will expire and s/he will lose the ability to register for that course.

If you received a permission code and decide not to register for the course, you must notify Academic Services so they can notify Stern to have your name removed from the roster.

Since NYU Wagner does not control non-Wagner cross-registration, once we submit a cross-registration request to NYU Stern, unfortunately we cannot approximate when we will receive results for your request. Please plan on a minimum of three weeks. Always register for backup courses at Wagner in case NYU Stern is unable to meet your request.

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