Auditing is generally permitted when a student needs assistance in eliminating an incomplete grade (IP or IF). However, students (or alumni) can request to complete a recreational audit of a course with the permission of the instructor.

There is fee associated with auditing a course. The fee to audit a course to eliminate an incomplete grade is $750.00. To learn the fee for a recreational audit, please email Students who are auditing a course and are not registered for other courses will also be required to pay the maintenance of matriculation fee.

Signed permission of the instructor and Academic Services is required. An audit space is not guaranteed and is subject to the instructor’s approval as well as the availability of seats.

For a recreational audit, students must wait until the week before the course starts in order to make the request. If there are available seats at that point, Academic Services can proceed with the audit process. Please note that students do not receive a record (such as a grade) for a recreational audit, and completion of all coursework and course exams may be required.

To register to audit and pay the fee, can contact