Wagner Food Policy Alliance


The Wagner Food Policy Alliance (WFPA) is a coalition of individuals and organizations across the NYU community who are working towards a just and sustainable food system. We hope that by offering helpful resources and opportunities to drive change, we can create a vibrant, diverse community of food-minded individuals within NYU. We strive to be a forum that allows participants to engage in meaningful discussion and take action to make food fairer, more accessible, and delicious for all NYU students and New Yorkers.

Our mission is to connect students from Wagner’s School of Public Service and Steinhardt’s Food Studies by engaging them in meaningful discussion, networking opportunities, and advancing knowledge of food-related issues in NYC, while creating sustainable and feasible solution.

Please feel free to join in if you are in the NYC area and interested in food policy issues. We are always eager to strengthen our relationships with other Wagner organizations and Steinhardt's Nutrition, Public Health and Food Studies program.


John Gershman

Executive Board 2023-2024

  • Co-Chair, Wagner: Reyna Vazquez-Miller
  • C0-Chair, Steinhardt: Vacant
  • C0-Chair, Steinhardt: Vacant
  • Co-Chair, Steinhardt: Vacant
  • Co-Chair, Global Public Health: Vacant
  • Finance Chair: ​Vacant
  • Communications Chair: Vacant
  • Steinhardt First-Year Representative: Vacant
  • Operations Chair: Vacant
  • DEI Chair: Vacant



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