Course and Academic Feedback

Each semester you are enrolled in a Wagner course, at its conclusion you will receive an email asking you to submit feedback. You can complete course feedback forms on a desktop or mobile device by: 

  • Email: when a course feedback period opens for you, you will receive an email with a link

  • Albert: click on a bold "Eval" icon in your Enrolled Courses grid

  • NYU Home: search for the "Course Feedback" card

Wagner's Faculty Program Directors and Specialization Heads read course feedback to help make decisions related to courses. The teaching instructors and the faculty reviewing the course feedback will not be able to see your name or university ID in relation to your answers and the results are visible to faculty only after grades have been posted.

In addition, students have an opportunity to provide early feedback on new courses and new course instructors (typically after the second class session). Later in the semester instructors may also seek mid-course feedback from students.

The more students submit feedback responses, the more complete and useful the data will be for the school and your student colleagues. Thank you in advance for participating in these surveys; we value your input.


Students enrolled in the course will be notified by email the first day the course feedback opens, along with reminders on the third, seventh, and final day. 


As you choose your courses each semester, you may wish to consult course feedback results found in your Albert Student Center and NYU Home. NYU publishes the results within 60 days after the semester ends. 

Who to Contact

Course Feedback

If you have any questions or concerns related to Wagner course feedback, please email If you prefer to communicate with someone directly, email Director of Academic Services, Michelle Spatz.

Academic Feedback

Wagner Student Association Ombudsperson

The student Ombudsperson serves as a liaison and advocate to facilitate a communication link from students to faculty and staff regarding student and academic affairs.  If you have feedback regarding the academic aspects of your program or specialization that would be useful to share, please feel free to contact the Ombudsperson. Depending on the topic or feedback, the Ombudsperson can provide you with resources, advice, or connect you to the appropriate faculty or a Wagner staff member. 

Faculty Program Director and Specialization Heads or Staff

Alternatively, you may contact the relevant Faculty Program Director or Specialization Head listed below, or Wagner's Assistant Dean of Academic Programs.

MUP: Ingrid Ellen

MSPP: Thom Blaylock and Katherine O'Regan

MPA, PNP: Paul Smoke

MPA, PNP, Advocacy: Erica Foldy

MPA, PNP, Finance: Thad Calabrese

MPA, PNP, International: John Gershman

MPA, PNP, Management: Martha Stark

MPA, PNP, Policy: Rajeev Dehejia

MPA, PNP, SI3: Andrea Armeni

MPA, Health: Carla Jackie Sampson

MHA: Carla Jackie Sampson

EMPA, Public Service Leaders: Judy Pryor-Ramirez

PhD: Sewin Chan

Undergraduate: Sewin Chan

Capstone: Erica Foldy and John Gershman