Competition & Conference Funding

If you would like to apply for financial reimbursement support for registration expenses related to a competition or conference, please carefully read the following FAQ's before filling out the application below. Please also explore Wagner’s External Scholarship resources.



  1. Who is eligible to apply?
    Active NYU Wagner graduate students in good academic standing in any of Wagner’s masters degree programs are eligible to apply for financial assistance to attend a degree/career-relevant conference or case competition. Wagner doctoral students are not eligible to request this funding. The conference or case competition may not conflict with any of your scheduled classes, as per the attendance policies indicated on your course syllabi.
  2. What types of events are eligible?
    Events eligible for funding include conferences related to coursework and/or policy interest, and competitions that are approved by Wagner administration. Funds cannot be used toward a Capstone project. Funds cannot be requested retroactively for conferences or competitions that have already taken place.
  3. What can the funding be used for?
    Funding can only be used towards registration expenses directly related to the conference or competition. Award amounts can be up to $300 per student. At the Committee’s discretion, more funds may be available to students who are presenting. Each student can receive a maximum of one award per academic year (September 1 - August 31).  
  4. When are applications reviewed?
    The committee reviews incoming applications on the first Tuesday of every month. Please be sure to submit your application at minimum one month in advance of the competition or conference. Wagner makes every effort to balance limited funds with its interest in providing all graduate students with equal access to funding opportunities.
  5. How is the award paid? 
    Awards are processed as reimbursements - once the competition or conference is complete, you must submit the required paperwork to the Office of Career Services for a cash reimbursement.
  6. If I receive funding, what are my responsibilities to 'give back' to the Wagner community?
    We ask that you represent Wagner in a positive light at these events and also plan to give back in some form to the Wagner community. Contributions will include providing a photo taken at the competition or conference and a writing a brief memo sharing your knowledge and insights gained.


Apply for Competition & Conference Funding