Conference & Competition Funding

For the 2023-2024 academic year, NYU Wagner will prioritize funding for professional development opportunities and events that include networking components, opportunities for students to engage with industry colleagues and leaders, and promote experiential learning and advancing one’s career. Please read this page carefully before applying, and explore Wagner’s External Scholarship resources.

Learn more about previous events that awardees attended on our Conference and Competition Funding Profiles page.



  1. Who is eligible to apply?
    Active NYU Wagner graduate students in good academic and financial standing in any of Wagner’s Master's degree programs are eligible to apply for financial assistance to attend a degree/career-relevant conference or case competition. The conference or case competition may not conflict with any of your scheduled classes, as per the attendance policies indicated on your course syllabi. 

    Not Eligible: Wagner doctoral and certificate students, and students on Leave of Absence.
  2. What types of events are eligible?
    Professional development opportunities eligible for funding include, but are not limited to, virtual and in-person conferences related to coursework and/or policy interest, case competitions, and industry-specific networking or skills-based events that are approved by Wagner administration. Past examples include APA National Planning Conference, World Bank Youth Summit, Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference, and Ohio State University Healthcare Case Competition.  
  3. What can the funding be used for?
    Funding can be used towards registration expenses directly related to the conference or competition (including travel). Award amounts can be from $20 (minimum) to $500 (maximum) per student. At the Committee’s discretion, more funds may be available to students who are presenting at a conference or professional development event. Each student can receive a maximum of one award per academic year

    Not Eligible: Expenses for lodging, software, subscriptions, and individual tutoring or coaching.
    Funds cannot be used toward a Capstone project, and may not be requested retroactively for events that have already taken place. 
  4. When are applications reviewed?
    The committee reviews incoming applications on the first Tuesday of every month. Please be sure to submit your application at minimum one month in advance of the conference or competition. Wagner makes every effort to balance limited funds with its interest in providing all graduate students with equal access to funding opportunities.
  5. How is the award paid? 
    Awards are processed as reimbursements via direct deposit. This is not an advanced award.  After the conference or competition is complete, you will be required to submit materials via an online form to the Committee within 4 weeks. This includes, but is not limited to: registration confirmation, receipts, proof of payment, and proof of attendance (conference name badges and photos from the conference). 

    Not Valid or Accepted: Conference dates and receipts more than 6 months old. Shared receipts, payments to individuals, award miles, award points, gift certificates, etc. 

  6. If I receive funding, what are my responsibilities to 'give back' to the Wagner community?
    We ask that you represent Wagner in a positive light at these events and also plan to give back in some form to the Wagner community. Contributions will include providing images or editorial promotion to represent competition or conference and answering a few brief questions to share your knowledge and insights gained with the Wagner community.

    Please note: Wagner's ability to approve conference funding is subject to NYU's public health and safety guidelines and is subject to change at any time.

Apply for Conference & Competition Funding