Application to Request Supplemental Funding for Competition or Conference Travel

NYU Wagner is committed to developing the skills and networks of our students beyond the classroom and campus setting. To that end, we are pleased to be able to set aside a small pool of funding each year to supplement expenses to students who are invited to select conferences and/or competitions that will further their professional development.

Below is a sampling of competitions and conferences NYU Wagner students are well-suited for:   



If you would like to apply for financial reimbursement support for travel to a conference or competition, consult the following FAQ's before filling out the application below.


In balancing limited travel support funds with our interest in providing all students with equal access to funding opportunities, the following are factored into our funding decisions:

  1. Who is eligible to apply for supplemental travel funding?
    Current students in good academic standing of any of the degree programs at Wagner are eligible to apply for financial assistance to attend eligible events.
  2. What are eligible events?
    Events eligible for funding include conferences related to coursework and/or policy interest, and competitions that are approved by Wagner administration.
  3. What is the selection process?
    • Relevance of event to policy interests, research, course-work, or career prospects
    • Previous receipt of funding from Wagner
    • Academic standing
    • Ability to share material/experience/learnings to benefit the Wagner community
  4. What can the funding be used for?
    Funding will be provided to supplement travel expenses or registration. Once travel is completed, students must submit original receipts and proof of travel to apply for reimbursement.
  5. If I receive funding, what are my responsibilities to 'giving back' to Wagner?
    We ask that you represent Wagner in a positive light at these events and also plan to give back in some form to the student body. Contributions can include holding sessions at Wagner to share knowledge gained, describing your experiences, or the process for applying to competitions.

Please complete the application for funding form