Arriving in NYC

There are mandatory tasks you must complete upon arrival in New York City and before you begin your Wagner degree. Please review the following:

  • OGS Mandatory Check-in
  • Understand Healthcare in the US
  • Money, Banking, and Taxes

All international students are required to complete the US Immigration and Requirements Training webinar. Before arriving in New York, you should have already reviewed the webinar portion of this training. Now that you are here in the US, you must attend an International Student Meeting within 10 days of arrival in New York. The Wagner International Student Orientation counts as the in-person check-in.


Check-in with OGS


Learn more about currency in the US, using credit cards and debit cards, cashing checks, and opening a bank account. 

Money and Banking in the US


International students are obligated to file tax forms while in the United States, even if they did not work in previous year. Though international students are required legally to file tax forms, it may not mean that taxes must be paid. 

OGS Tax Information