NYU Tandon School of Engineering


While we cannot guarantee capacity for NYU Wagner students in NYU Tandon School of Engineering (NYU Tandon)'s courses  you are welcome to request registration for an approved course.

request process

A number of transportation courses offered at Tandon School of Engineering are available to Urban Planning students. The registration procedures are as follows:

  • Contact Professor Elena Prassas at Tandon regarding your interest in Tandon courses, and find out from them the time and place of the courses you select. Her contact information is 718.260.3788 or eprassas@poly.edu.  
  • Contact Vasudeva Narayana vnarayan@poly.edu in order to be activated as a special student at Tandon and then registered for the course you have selected.
  • Once Tandon has registered you for the course in their system, contact Wagner Academic Services at wagner.academicservices@nyu.edu in order to be registered under the special Tandon course number at NYU.

At the end of the course, the Tandon instructor will forward the final grade to the Wagner Academic Services.

Contact the Urban Planning Program Advisor at Wagner with questions about any of the above procedures.

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