Registration Checklist

January Term 2024 Registration Information

Registration for January Term 2024 begins on Monday, October 10. January 2024 courses were viewable in the Albert Course Search on September 25 as part of Academic Year 2023-2024.

Given the intensive nature of January courses, the maximum credit load for January is three (3) credits.

In order to prepare for the start of registration, please follow these steps:

  1. Verify your Expected Graduation Term in your Albert Student Center under the "Academics" tab. If the term listed is incorrect, please follow these easy instructions on the Registrar's website to update your record immediately. (And no later than October 7!)
  2. Check your Albert Student Center for any HOLDS, and resolve them immediately.
  3. View your Enrollment Appointment under "Enrollment Dates" on the main landing page of your Albert Student Center.
  4. Review the Registrar's Student Training pages to refresh your memory about using Albert.
  5. Check Albert Public Course Search for the most up-to-date details on meeting dates, times, and classrooms.
    [Albert is subject to change so check for updates regularly!]
  6. Remember that you need to use the unique four- or five-digit Albert Class Number to register for a specific course section (not the digits of the course catalog number, e.g. not the "1011" of CORE-GP 1011).
  7. Prerequisites matter! Prerequisites MUST be taken prior to advanced courses. They are listed at the bottom of the course description for each course.
  8. Review the specialization requirements, as well as course and Capstone requirements, on your Program Requirement Checksheet.

Note about Federal Financial Aid for January Term:

Federal Direct Loans are available for January Term enrollment. Credits for eligibility are based on the combined total credits between January Term and the spring term: you must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits between the two terms to be eligible. If you are enrolling in the January 2024 term but not the Spring 2024 term, you should email for advisement. If you are interested in federal financial aid for the January Term, you must have a valid FAFSA on file and be otherwise eligible. Once registered, it is important to email

Note about Wagner Scholarships for January Term:

As stated in your scholarship letter, Wagner scholarships do not apply to the January term.

Spring 2024 Registration Information

Registration for Spring 2024 begins on Monday, November 13. Spring 2024 courses should be viewable in the Albert Course Search as part of Academic Year 2023-2024 on Monday, October 16.

The Spring 2024 Registration Checklist will be available here in late October.



  1. If you are currently in Capstone, you will be manually registered for the Spring section of Capstone sometime in early December.
  2. Review the Capstone prerequisites for your specialization on your Program Requirement Checksheet.
  3. If you are planning on starting Capstone in Fall 2024, be certain to register for the prerequisites that you will need to be eligible!