Capstone Eligibility

All Capstone eligibility requirements—both academic and non-academic—must be satisfied prior to enrollment in the Capstone course. You must have:

After reading below, if you have any questions about your eligibility to enroll in Capstone, please contact your Student Services Program Advisor or email


Capstone sections and prerequisites are distinguished by degree program and specialization. When you begin your program, the specialization you declare on your admissions application is recorded in Albert. Please check Albert to ensure that your specialization is accurate. If your specialization in Albert is not correct or if you would like to switch your specialization, please submit a Specialization Change Form.


You need a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.000 to be eligible for Capstone. If you have any questions regarding the GPA policy or academic progress, please refer to the GPA Requirement policy.

Course Prerequisites

Wagner has two main types of capstone projects, both of which are team-based. The majority of students are in client-based capstones where students work as a consulting team for a real world client helping to address a real world problem. The other type is the Advanced Research Projects in Quantitative Analysis capstone in which teams of students work to answer a research question utilizing existing data sets and quantitative analytical methods. There is no client in the Quantitative Analysis capstone.

Prerequisites for "Client-based" Capstone


The Program Requirement Checksheets list Capstone prerequisites by program and specialization. Be sure to review your declared specialization checksheet prior to enrolling for courses in the year preceding Capstone. Doing so helps ensure that you are on track to complete all prerequisites in time for Capstone.


Prerequisites for "Advanced Research Projects in Quantitative Analysis" Capstone


Please note there is a separate set of prerequisites for students enrolling in the “Advanced Research Projects in Quantitative Analysis” section of Capstone. If interested, talk to your faculty advisor ASAP. To be eligible, in addition to completing all school-wide core courses, you must have completed Multiple Regression and Introduction to Econometrics (PADM-GP 2902). No later than the fall of Capstone, you must also have taken Evaluating Programs and Policies (PADM-GP 2171) and one of the following economics courses:

If you have any questions about your eligibility to enroll in Capstone, please see the Advisement & Resources page, contact your Student Services Program Advisor, or email


Completing requirements over the summer?

If you are still completing Capstone prerequisites in the summer term prior to Capstone, Academic Services will reserve a seat for you in a Capstone section. You will not be issued an enrollment permission number, however, until you email with confirmation that all prerequisites have been completed. You can read more about Capstone course enrollment on the Registering for Capstone page.

Professional Experience Requirement (PER)

By August 1 of the calendar year in which you will begin Capstone, you are required to submit your PER to Wagner’s Office of Career Services (OCS) for approval. Your PER position must commence before the first class meeting of your Capstone section (i.e., you do not need to have completed it at the time you submit it for approval). If you have questions about PER, please email