Theoretical Framework Modules

Module 1: Microeconomic Analysis

Advisors: Jonathan Morduch and Sewin Chan

This module overviews microeconomic models of behavior and decision-making that may be used for both empirical and theoretical research in policy, finance and management. After obtaining mastery of the fundamentals of the theory of the firm and consumer behavior, students proceed to focus on an area of applied microeconomics such as labor economics or development economics.


Module 2: Organizational Behavior and Organization Theory

Advisors:  Tom D’Aunno, Erica Foldy, Sonia Ospina

This module is intended for all doctoral students who will pursue the management field of study. It is also available for students who choose as one of their fields health management, international development or other, including a customized field, where issues of policy implementation, institutional reform and institutional development are central to the field’s body of knowledge. 

This module will introduce students to theoretical perspectives from the two broad literatures of micro organizational theory (also simply called organizational behavior) and macro organizational theory (also called organizational theory). These perspectives are by nature inter-disciplinary, as they have grown out of the fields of psychology, sociology, economics and political science, and continue to be influenced by those literatures, as well as anthropology, law, public administration, history, and others.


module 3: Political Institutions

Advisor: Tony Bertelli

This module is intended for students who are interested in the study of political institutions (1) in the United States (API) as well as (2) other individual countries or cross-national comparisons (CPI).