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The Knesset. We visited the Knesset and it was led by Israel Religious Action Center’s Liaison to the Knesset Lauren Puris and we learned from MK Rabbi Gilad Kariv of the Labor party, MK Idan Roll of the Yesh Atid party.

Visit to the Blender Innovation Center of Hadassah College. This center is located in downtown Jerusalem on the border of diametrically opposed communities — secular Jews, Ultra-Orthodox Jews, new immigrants, Arab Israelis and Palestinians — all studying

Robin Foods in Haifa. Robin Foods is a project dedicated to creating a unique and accessible platform for engaging the public in sustainability, community and social action, by promoting local activities to combat the global food waste crisis. They do thi

Name: Arielle Kaye


Specialization: PNP-International Development Policy and Management

Conference Host Organization/Institution: World Union for Progressive Judaism

Conference/Competition Name: Connections Conference & Beutel Seminar

Conference Term: Spring Conference Start Date: 2023-05-03 Conference End Date: 2023-05-11

What were your takeaways from this conference/case competition?
One of the most incredible aspects of this conference was the opportunity to meet other Jews from around the world who are looking to create meaningful change in their communities. It was so inspiring to hear about how each community is rising to meet the challenges of the moment.

How will your participation in this conference/case competition support your professional development?
As a current dual degree masters student between Wagner and Skirball, this conference was a dream come true. After graduation, I would ultimately like to work in the Jewish nonprofit sector on a global scale. Throughout this conference, I had the opportunity to build relationships with Jewish leaders from around the world who I hope will be my future collaborators!

What are some next steps or action items this conference/case competition inspired?
I was part of a leadership development seminar after the conference where I created my own project to help my home community in some way. Through countless development and feedback sessions during the seminar, I am returning to my community with a solid plan to implement my project.

What are some tips or best practices that you would like to share with other Wagner students who attend a conference/case competition?
It can be daunting to enter into a large conference where you know absolutely no one! I think most people who are attending these conferences are looking to meet people and may even feel similarly. Try to work through that fear and imposter syndrome to meet as many people as you can. You never know who you'll meet and how they may help you in the future! Also, bring business cards. They're so helpful and are a natural follow up tool.

Wagner Areas of Impact: Nonprofits, Social Innovation