OCS Conference Funding Submission

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Yale School of Management Philanthropy Conference

Name: Charlotte Herzan


Specialization: PNP-Social Impact, Innovation & Investment

Conference Host Organization/Institution: Yale School of Management

Conference/Competition Name: Yale School of Management Philanthropy Conference

Conference Term: Spring Conference Start Date: 2020-02-14 Conference End Date: 2020-02-14

What were your takeaways from this conference/case competition?
The Yale School of Management Philanthropy Conference provided a nuanced look at the philanthropy space and how it is innovating due to this ever-changing landscape. While at the conference, I heard from Brandee McHale, the Director of Citi Community Investment Development, about the importance of expanding the definition of philanthropy. I also listened to expert panelists speak to topics such as data-driven impact and corporate social responsibility.

How will your participation in this conference/case competition support your professional development?
Overall, the conference provided a great deal of food for thought and insights that I will carry with me during my remaining time at NYU Wagner and as I re-enter the workforce.

What are some next steps or action items this conference/case competition inspired?

What are some tips or best practices that you would like to share with other Wagner students who attend a conference/case competition?

Wagner Areas of Impact: Nonprofits, Social Innovation