Connecting with other Wagner Students

Connecting Online with Current Wagner Students

Wagnerds Facebook Group

You can connect with the entire Wagner student community through the Wagnerds Facebook Group. This is a great way to find housing options, course recommendations, and general information on Wagner. Join as soon as you can! 

Alliance of Latino and Latin American Students (ALAS)

ALAS is committed to supporting Latino and Latin American students as well as all NYU Wagner students and faculty interested in issues affecting the Latino and Latin American communities.  We strive to significantly enhance the education of future policy makers by providing academic, social, and professional support. 

International Public Service Association (IPSA)

IPSA provides a forum for exchange, debate, education, and action in the area of international development, IPSA works in conjunction with faculty and administration to address student international interests and keep them informed on international program activities.

Pan-Asian American Student Alliance (PASA)

PASA is committed to raising visibility and awareness regarding Asian/Pacific Islander American (APIA) social and policy issues both domestically and internationally, within the public service sector and the wider community. PASA also strives to provide a network and support system and enhance the educational experience through various forums and resources geared towards professional development, social events, and dialogue addressing relevant issues concerning the APIA community.

Wagner International Students Society (WISS)

WISS represents the Wagner international student body and works to address and promote international student interests. WISS aims to promote stronger ties among the international student community at Wagner through professional and social events, and by being a resource and facilitator for student and academic life.  You can join WISS’ Facebook group, which is a great way to start making connections now.

Wagner Student Alliance for Africa (WSAFA)

WSAFA provides a forum for education, discussion, events, and local service opportunities that focus on political, economic, and social issues facing African communities in the U.S. as well as the entire African continent.

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