Wagner Resources


Wagner’s International Student Workshops are designed to help Wagner students from outside of the U.S. acclimate to NYU and to New York City. Each workshop focuses on a different facet of adapting to U.S. and New York culture, offering information but also encouraging interactive discussion among students. Workshops will take place throughout the first couple of weeks and continue throughout the year.

The ability to write clearly and concisely is a critical skill for all successful public service professionals. NYU and Wagner provide several resources to support students who want to improve their writing skills.

Wagner's Professional Writing Workshop (NONCR-GP 907)
Wagner offers non-credit writing workshops in the spring and fall semesters. This workshop meets several times mid-semester and covers the basic principles of professional writing as well as a review of stylistic aspects of writing, such as writing concisely and clearly, avoiding clichés and redundancy, varying word choice, and outlining and organizing ideas. The scheduling of the workshop is designed to coincide with writing assignments in the school-wide core courses (CORE-GP 1020 Managing Public Service Organizations and CORE-GP 1022 Introduction to Public Policy). Students bring in papers they are writing and are guided through the editing process. Check Albert for dates and times as well as to register for NONCR-GP 907, Professional Writing.

Memo Writing Bootcamp
The Memo Writing Bootcamp is open to all Wagner students. You will hear the details and how to RSVP through the instructors of the affiliated core course, CORE-GP 1022 Introduction to Public Policy. 

Wagner Writing Tutor
Wagner provides a writing tutor free of charge to assist students, individually and in group sessions, with their writing assignments; this includes how to write concise and coherent memos. Writing tutors have office hours and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The tutoring schedule will be posted here before the first day of classes.

Using the Library to research and write a paper
NYU's main library, the Bobst Library is used by Wagner students. To learn more about doing research at the library, click here.

English Speaking Practice
English Conversation Groups are offered by NYU’s Office of Student Affairs. These are free workshops offered several times per week.

English Connections offered by NYU’s Office of Global Spiritual Life.

Explore New York, Explore the World offered by NYU’s Office of Student Affairs.

Regardless of the specialization you choose, three of the Core courses you will be required to take will involve quantitative skills. The following opportunities exist for Wagner students to brush up on their math skills:

Online Math Refresher (ALEKS)
Wagner will send you information about an online math refresher (ALEKS) after you participate in a Registration Advisement Webinar. We encourage you to review these materials to determine how much review you may need to do before classes begin.

Math Review (NONCR-GP 906)
Math Review (NONCR-GP 906) focuses on math skills that are essential to statistics, microeconomics, and financial management. This noncredit workshop will offer you an opportunity to ask questions in a classroom setting and will contextualize the quantitative review by giving examples of how the material will appear in your core courses.

Quantitative Tutoring
Every semester, Wagner provides tutors in microeconomics, statistics, and financial management at no charge to students. Tutoring hours and locations are posted on the website here.