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2. Program & Specialization (If Applicable)
Program & Specialization (If Applicable)
3. Waiver Exam Dates

The Statistics and Micoeconomics waiver exams are held at the *Puck Building, 295 Lafayette Street* (please see floor and room below).

The Financial Management waiver exam is an online exam, so those taking this exam must have online access to NYU Classes in order to take the exam. More instructions will follow as we near the date of the exam.

Please see the exam dates below. Due to the time limit of each exam, you must arrive five minutes before the start time so that you are ready to take the exam at the start time.
Test Dates
This is an online exam done through NYU Classes. For those who intend to take this exam, more instructions will follow as we get closer to the exam date.
NYU ID Required

Make sure to bring your NYU ID or you will not be able to get into the building

Academic Accommodations
If you require accommodations, you must register with the Moses Center for Students with Disabilities prior to the exam and follow their procedure for requesting accommodations on exams. They can coordinate with Wagner Student Services.