Student Spotlight

This profile series takes a look at the change agents among us.  It has been designed to foster a greater understanding of the diverse profiles and experiences of your fellow students. Take a look below to learn more about your community.

These stories are brought to you by the Wagner Student Association (WSA).


Picture of Brian Edward Libed

Brian Edward Libed (EMPA)

"My fulfilment comes from the success of bringing patients back to their homes and cultivating a close and therapeutic relationship with them." - Brian Edward Libed (EMPA)

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Headshot of Glenda Kee

Glenda Kee (MPA-PNP)

"Policies and programs affect people differently—and as public service leaders, we need to consider the various implications of our actions." - Glenda Kee (MPA-PNP)

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Portrait of Joshua Yoo

Joshua Yoo (MSPP)

"Seeing the impact that zip code can have on the quality of public education inspired me to enter the field of public service." - Joshua Yoo (MSPP)

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Headshot of Gloria Campbell.

Gloria Campbell (MUP)

"As a new New Yorker and wayfaring woman, I believe safety is the baseline for any vibrant public space." - Gloria Campbell (MUP)

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Additional Student Spotlights

Quamid Francis (MPA-PNP)

Quamid Francis

"What was valuable for me at NYU Wagner was being connected with other first-generation college students and the platform we were provided to share our stories. This is what led to my network expanding and, as a consequence, the opportunities that would follow."

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